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A young woman discovers a superpower running through her veins that renders her so empathic she can tune into the pain of others and help to empower them.

Emergence is the first book in the three part Blue Ormus series about supernatural strippers who battle evil and fight for the equality of all living beings. Blue Ormus inspires all women (including women from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and of different sexual orientations and gender expressions) to step into their hidden potential and become their own superheroes.

Natural Born Storyteller

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Gina Gold is a compassionate eco-feminist, animal and women’s rights activist, and author.

She is currently on tour in a comedy show called You’re Funny, But You Don’t Look Jewish, and her TRUE stories have been featured on @NPR, @snapjudgmentradio, & @radiotopia (to name a few). Gina also co-hosted an event series with sexologist Carol Queen which featured herself and other former sex workers telling authentic stories about their experiences.


Emergence Blue Ormus

This 3 part series follows the lives of three incredible women who obtain superpowers due to a substance called Blue Ormus that naturally flows through their bodies. Faced with perils at every corner that force them to question their own existence, the superheroines are confronted with one burning question… how do we use our new abilities to fix everything?

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Blue Ormus speaks to and for the underdog, leaving you feeling inspired and empowered!

Blue Ormus takes important current issues–animals/planet crisis, women of color, feminism, oppression, violence against women–and makes it modern, fun, and most importantly, it leaves you feeling powerful and like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!